Our team

Mgr. Vlado Rafael,PhD.


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Vlado Rafael (1979) received his master’s degree in social work at the Faculty of Education, Comenius University in Bratislava in 2004 and pursued his doctoral degree at the Department of Human Sciences, Faculty of Education, Comenius University, under the supervision of Professor Miron Zelina. His doctoral dissertation, defended in 2008, focused on segregation of Romani children in education. During his doctoral studies, Vlado worked as a volunteer helping underprivileged children, among others, in a crisis center. Additionally, he studied English at the American University, Bulgaria, for a year (2010) and completed a two-month fellowship at the OSI – Education Support Program in London (2011). Vlado started his professional career at the Open Society Foundation in Bratislava in 2006 as an education expert. He coordinated several initiatives seeking to introduce multicultural education in the state curriculum and to facilitate desegregation of Romani children. Vlado edited several key publications in this area, including Answers to the (De)segregation Issues of Roma Children in Educational System in Slovakia (NOS-OSF, 2011) and Educational Paths of Roma Children from Socially Disadvantaged Environment (NOS-OSF, 2013). In February 2013, Vlado left the Open Society Foundation to start and manage the EDU Roma NGO. EDU Roma’s main ambition is to develop the first desegregation model in Slovakia through providing assistance to the Elementary School Šarišské Michaľany. In April 2013 he was appointed as a member of the Curriculum Council, an advisory body of the Ministry of Education. Vlado is a regular contributor to national newspapers SME Daily and also published a collection of poems Cudzie krídla in 2007.

Bc. Monika Komorová
Bc. Monika Komorová

Program coordinator

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Monika Komorova (1991) completed her bachelor studies at the University of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra,FSVaZ, Department of Roma Studies in the field of social services and counselling Her theoretical knowledge and the Office of Labour she used at Social Affairs and Family in Nitra ,in academic year 2012/2013 where she pursued her further professional experience.While attending the University, she pursued her professional experience in Kreative -social services facilities Klasov ,in academic year 2013/2014, where she worked in an educational department . Bachelor study completed the bachelor work covering a determinant affecting school attendance of Roma pupils.Currently , she continues to study at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra on the graduate level.

Mgr. Eva Mazárová

Coordinator of the volunteer program

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Eva Mážárová (1988) holds a master’s degree in Ethnology at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Constantine the Philosopher University in 2013. Her thesis concerns the interpretation and perception of space as an anthropological phenomenon in segregated Roma Communities. She completed five-month internship at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts at the Institute of Ethnology and also the Department of Central European Studies in the field of Roma Studies (2012). After finishing high school she worked as a custodian at the Mining Museum in Gelnica. She currently focuses on the religiosity of Romani People in eastern Slovakia and on the lectoring in the basic art school. In 2015, he published scientific study in the monograph SAS ‘Black and white world “dedicated to the topic of Roma in mainstream society in Slovakia. She is the coordinator of the volunteers in eduRoma and she is dedicated to publishing and research activities.

Team of volunteers

Milan Pohlodko
Simona Mitrášová
Antónia Ilkivová
Denisa Mitrášová
Radoslav Legdan
Kamil Roško
Jana Kovková
Mirka Cipínová

The Board

PaedDr. Stanislav Cina

Stanislav China (1972) graduated from the Faculty of Education of the University of Constantine the Philosopher University in the field of Teaching for the first stage of primary school. Immediately after graduation remained to work in the Department of Roma Culture as a lecturer. Later he devoted himself to teaching practice in primary school and leisure center in Stropkov. Externally continues to operate as a university teacher, which is drawn in particular to the Roma language. In 2008, he was among the signatories to the standardization of Romani in Slovakia. He is the author of several publications for teachers who educate children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Currently involved in the education of teaching staff within national projects.

Mgr. Monika Duždová

In 2001 Mgr. Monika Duždová (1968) graduated High School in Sabinove. In 2001 – 2002 she worked at the Office of Works in Sabinove in ALMP (active labor market policy), parallel cooperated with the Slovak Radio, where she participated in training Romani sessions . From 2002 – 2003 sheworked at the Roma Press Agency (RPA) in Košice as a journalist. In 2004 she started to work on one of Presov primary schools as an assistant teacher. This work was carried out in 2006 In 2009, she joined the VSMPO ISM Slovakia in Prešov, where in 2012 she defended her bachelor’s degree in social services and counseling. In August, she graduated from the master’s degree in social work at the University of St. Ažbety in Presov. Until August 2014 she worked as a teaching assistant at a primary school in Šarišské Michaľany, where she was a tutor to Romani children, effective use of leisure and cultural activities as well as monitoring their family background and other social problems in the near colony. From September 2014 she operates in England which deals with education of Roma children. Is working intensively with OZ eduRoma since their activities in primary schools in Šarišské Michaľany.

doc. PhDr. Rastislav Rosinský, PhD.

Rastislav Rosinský (1973) graduated from PF in Nitra in 1995 in the field of Teaching for 1st grade elementary school. After graduating from teaching practice he went on in the studio and in 1999 he defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of technology education. Associate professor defended his title in the field Preschool and Elementary Education held at PF Prešov University in 2009 Since 2000 is concerned about the education of Roma pupils in particular, first as a researcher, currently as Director of the Institute of Roma Studies FSVaZ in Nitra. He is the author and co-author of the monograph 8, 4 university textbooks, dozens of articles in domestic and foreign scientific journals and anthologies with domestic and international repercussions. Addressed several research projects at national and European level, completed several internships at universities in Europe. He is a member of many committee to resolve the problems of marginalized Roma communities.