eduRoma in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America in Bratislava cordially invite you to a seminar which is under the auspices of the Ministry of education Slovak Republic with the name “Recommendations to eliminate segregation of Roma pupils”, in Bratislava 30th October 2014 at 9:00 in Hotel Tatra.

The object of seminar is to discuss and propose arrangement for the Minister of Education and the School Inspectorate in monitoring segregation of Roma pupils and their unjustifiably of transfering in the special schools. The seminar is for profesionals from Stat sector , non-governmental organization, independent expert and universities.


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Meeting local authotities in elementary school Šariske Michaľany10th October 2014.Our inspiration about school ´s integration roma´s and other children is continuing.

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Year: 2014

Feel free to download our first publication about the segregation Romany children in the elementary school in Sarisske Michalany.



10. augusta, 2014 we organized 2nd year sport games in Šraišké Michaľany “You can connect wizh sport also.”

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29th July, 2014 Workshop, which we realized at Summer academy Discover. We were thinking with high school´s students about problems of segregation gypsy´s children at schools and about advantages of inclusive education.

14th – 15th July 2014 Working meeting in Budapest organised by Open Society Roma Initiatives and Think Tank Fund (Open Society Foundations) on Countering Fear, the Security Mindset, And “Othering” of Roma, brought together Policy Researchers and Roma activists from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

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Listen to the opinion of the participant from recent conference in Prague about the examples of good practice of social integration of Roma people in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.

During the weekend (13th – 15th June 2014) with our team we had important meeting. We were planning activities and importante campaign for 2015 year.


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Civic Association eduRoma decided to organized collection of books for school in Sarisske Michalany which is focus on improving reading skills of each child and eliminating the segregation in the school. 31th of March – 5th of June 2014.

Mayors, headmasters of schools and people from NGO´s from Czech Republic and Slovakia who have experiences with integration of socially excluded inhabitants from their communes met together on Monday the 2nd of June in Lichtenstein Palace. At this conference, among others, the director of Civic Association eduRoma Vlado Rafael presented. The conference was arranged by the Embassies of the USA and the Czech Republic, The Agency for Social Integration and generally beneficial company ROMEA.