(22th July – 28th  July, 2016, Modra-Harmónia), We have conducted our first edition of the educational sojourn for children from children’s homes. Friends, share with us a brief preview of our educational sojourn “Together towards success…”

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The american embassy in Slovakia appreciated the important fighters for the protection of human rights in Slovakia. This year received the award “Human Rights Defender Award” as well as our director Vlado Rafael for the persistent efforts to ensure all children in Slovakia have the same access to education. Our association is grateful to our guardian angel which are the great teachers of Alice Petrasová and Ivan Pavlov, who gave us a very help. Congratulations !

Yesterday, headed out to our volunteers with children from the elementary school Šarišské Michaľany in the State scientific library in Prešov. There children with a Janka Kroková discussed about working in a library, books and their future professions.

In Bratislava was discussion on the occasion of the World day of the Roma. About Roma as the national minority discussed Vlado Rafael from eduRoma along with ethnologist Zuzana Kumanova and sociolog Michal Vašečka. The event organized by the civic association In Minority and the civil association of the Roma house.

eduRoma organised in Bratislava, the second annual conference on the issue of discrimination of Roma children in schools in Slovakia. Discussion the aim of which was to seek solutions to this problem, is attended by more than 60 participants from non-governmental and international organizations, universities, state and public administration. In the introduction we are familiar with a short summary of solution for segregation, for the last 8 years in Slovakia, by the director of the eduRomy Vlado Rafael. With Marek Szilvási, from the European centre for rights of Roma in Budapest, we discussed the present situation of segregation of Roma children in neighboring european countries. Štěpán Drahokoupil from the OSF Prague, present the situation of the solution of the problem of segregation in the CZECH republic. An important moment of the conference was the performances of the main school inspector Viera Kalmárová, which spoke also about the fact that recovery of non-discrimination of Roma children in schools  needs in Slovakia, a specific legislative support. Jarka Lajčáková from the Centre for the research of ethnicity and culture (CVEK), along with Mirka Hapalová from the organization Člověk v tísni, led an important discussion panel about the need for a legal definition of segregation. Colleagues from SGI institute Jozef Miskolc and Lucia Kováčová cooperation with the Klára Orgovánová from the Roma institute, have formulated, in the second discussion panels, supportive measures for the desegregáciu of Roma children in the school practice. eduRoma will be in the next few days to initiate a meeting with the highest representatives of the Ministry of education, to give them perhaps the conclusions conference.

Faculty of social and economic sciences, Comenius university organised in the framework of the strike of higher education teachers, the event titled ” how inflamed the teachers and the teachers change the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities.” In the framework of the dinner was  a short document “Separate and Unequal” about how segregation returns to us schools. After the film, followed  discussion. With your experience with students to share the invited guests: Lýdia Šuchová – OZ Equity, Vlado Rafael – o.z. eduRoma and Martin Vavrinčík – parent center Detstvo deťom in Dobšina.

Today eduRoma had planning meeting. We contemplated above our objectives and where we want to direct our activities.

Today, along with representatives from non-governmental organizations from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech republic, we discuss in Prague on the serious problem of increase of islamophobia, xenophobia and racism in Central Europe. One of several recommendations for Slovakia were formulated is also a proposal that we need to start in Slovakia – in discussions about these critical issues – drag in well as representatives of minorities, as well as the common people, personalities and leaders from the other regions of Slovakia – except for the “Bratislava’s cafe”. It is they who may have to deal with these issues is often a very enrich and inspiring sight.

A great testimony. Theologian and publicist Michal Havran asks whether in Slovakia we need at all schools. Friends, help us share this message on your site and lets say this together with the Michael finally all. Thank you!

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Peter Dráľ talking about what everything should be done to our education to move forward. Friends, we will once again enjoy, if the video you share, and you know about it the next.

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